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China Guangzhou Jinghao Shutter Engineering Co., Ltd.

China Guangzhou Jinghao Shutter Engineering Co., Ltd. is a professional researcher, manufacturer, installer and seller of various industrial gates, shop gates, garage gates, as well as electrical control and smart driving device of gates and windows.

Crystal shutter series is a new generation of products we take the lead to develop, manufacture and popularize in China mainland. It has the advantages of full set of specifications and models, high-quality, many project cases and good after-sale service. We provide the field installation of shutter, sales of semi-finished products or sets of pieces and technical solutions for customers. Our technologies and products have acquired a lot of national patents and brand protection.

Since the company was set up, besides high-quality products with low-cost, we have also been engaged in plastic products development, mould manufacturing, processing materials supplied by customers and OEM.

If you contact with us in project engineering or bidding period, we can help you with some key factors, such as product selection, technical parameters, construction process, cost control, etc. Please contact with us now to know how we can cooperate with you to provide you with incomparable customer service.

Meanwhile, we are sincerely hoping we can share with companies in the same field as well as engineering companies our many years of experience in engineering and installation, and work together with you to expand market.